Schools are the best places to inspire young minds, and reaching our heritage to schools is a key part of our movement. While thousands of events (Lecture-Demonstrations, workshops, film screenings) expose children to their heritage, we also want to create platforms for motivated students to get deeper and more transformational experiences. The National School Intensive (NSI) is a week-long annual event of SPIC MACAY held exclusively for school-children. Students are given a remarkable opportunity to see and learn from various maestros and renowned artistic geniuses, an experience that is both intense and inspiring. They are also provided more than a peek into India’s rich cultural tapestry with concerts, workshops, talks, cinema classics and yog sessions. Around 500 children accompanied by teachers (after a selection process) from schools across India gather at a host institution (usually a school) for this week long gurukul.

A typical day at the NSI starts at 4 AM where everyone practices three hours of Naad Yog and Hath Yog. After nourishing the soul, their bodies are nourished by a scrumptious holistic breakfast. Workshops of music, dance, crafts and arts run for a full three hours every morning; with each guru imparting a unique experience to their students. The afternoon has a talk or folk performance, followed by screening of cinema classics. After a quick dinner, everyone assembles at the main hall for two performances by globally-acclaimed artists, the masters in their field. Everyone walks out of the hall a few inches above ground, and after some night snacks they head in for a well-deserved rest. On the second-last day, the students of each intensive put up a short performance in front of the entire group, to show what they have learnt in the 15 hours with the gurus. The highlight of the day is an overnight concert, where 5-6 artistes perform consecutively through the night - an experience which is quite rare nowadays. On the last day the students are taken on a heritage walk to nearby places of historical significance, after which they say their goodbyes and leave for their hometowns, taking home fond memories and valuable lessons.

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