SPIC MACAY conducted a Lec dem prog of Carnatic music by Vidushi Bombay Jayashri at Vasant Valley School New Delhi on 7 Nov.2017.  This feed back was received from the school appreciating and thanking SPIC MACAY.

Namaste Pancham Ji,

It was a pleasure to host Ms Bombay Jayashri in our school on the 7th of November. An accomplished performer, she also was an excellent teacher. She kept all of us spell bound and gave us a birds eye view of Karnatak classical music. It was very interesting to see the entire audience of 700 children as well as the teachers, singing along with her. Her immense stage presence, her excellent communication skills with the children made the lec dem  a wonderful learning experience for all of us. 
We once again thank SPIC MACAY for bringing us interface with a one of the best vocalists that India has produce.
Much regards
Kapil Sharma
Teacher Coordinator, Vasant Valley School