Education in general and value education in particular occupies a prestigious place in the modern context of the contemporary society.

The problem of value education of the young has assumed increasing prominence in educational discussions during recent times. Parents, teachers and society at large are concerned about values and value education system.

Education is inherently values oriented and must develop in learners caring, co-operation and respect for others. In addition to equipping them with life skills and attitudes, it must prepare them to lead a full life.

It is apparent that Values Education is an area that needs to be highlighted as it holds the key to real and meaningful education – that engages students in addressing real world challenges, issues important to humanity, and questions that affect them as individuals.

In continuation of the letter issued by AICTE in 2011 (letter No. F. l-2CM/AICTE/2010 date 28.12,2011), and considering SPIC MACAY's Vision 2020, where the SPIC MACAY is committed to reach to every student of this country, AICTE through its letter F.No. 13-25/Misc/Suggestion/PC/20I6/Date: Julyl5,2016; is reaching out to the youth in every AICTE institutions of the country. Some of the best ways of making students aware of the gentler, more aesthetic, and diverse, yet integrated, strands of India's culture is by systemically introducing them to various forms of Indian Classical Music and Dance. In order to join this movement of SPIC MACY, it is suggested that to all AICTE approved institutions:

To form SPIC MACAY Heritage Clubs with a professor-in-charge and at least five student members at the College level which could facilitate continuing SPIC MACAY activities across college, with a yearly working budget.

Weekly meetings could be held which could include a presentation by students about some aspects of Indian Heritage.

Each institution could conduct events of SPIC MACAY out of the various modules i.e. Indian classical music & dance, folk, talks by eminent people from different fields, screening of cinema classics, craft workshops, yoga & meditation, heritage walks, holistic food etc. throughout the year, culminating with a week-long Virasat similar to the one attached.

Involve students / NSS Volunteers to help us taking our rich & composite heritage to the government schools & rural parts and coordinate activities of cultural harmony with the help of SPIC MACAY. Each volunteer can coordinate 2 activities in government schools in the surrounding villages.

Volunteers can be sent to participate in SPIC MACAY’s International/State/Zonal Conventions which would inspire them to take this movement forward in their zones.

Enroll your institution and the SPIC MACAY Heritage Club (SHC) on your campus in the National Volunteer Grid by clicking here.  You are also required to have office bearers for the SHC. Click here to see the proposed structure of the SHC. 

The AICTE institutions can have any one or both the modules viz. Virasat and/or Mini-Virasat; proposed by Chairman, AICTE. The volunteers from the campus can choose the artists/speakers/craftsmen from the SPIC MACAY approved list, which is available with the Chapter Coordinators. 

You may like to get in touch with the nearest SPIC MACAY Coordinator by clicking here.

Please register yout institution by clicking here

For further details contact:

Dinsesh Chand: 09810516135 

Ankit Babbar: 09760689747