While posted at the Indian Navy Headquarters in Delhi, I was residing at Princess Park Officer’s Mess on Copernicus Marg.

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Join SPIC MACAY, and be a part of a movement that reaches out to over a million children with all that is beautiful, lofty and wholesome in human arts and culture.


As an Individual

SPIC MACAY is run by thousands of enthusiastic volunteers from around the world who give some of their time towards different parts of our cause they find attractive. Our volunteers come from all walks of life - schoolchildren, college-goers, professionals, housewives, academics, government officials, retired people - those who appreciate beauty in all its forms and seek to combat the cultural homogenisation and inner blindness that is slowly creeping upon us.

If you feel inspired by the cultural forms and all that we do, we request you to give a little bit of your time and help spread that inspiration to many more people. Volunteering with SPIC MACAY is very simple. Contact your nearest chapter, attend a weekly meeting and see how your skills and energy can add to the movement. Every tiny drop of your effort will help take our movement forward, and every volunteer, no matter how big or small their contribution, is very valuable to us.

SPIC MACAY has been an important part of the personal growth of thousands of volunteers over the past 35 years. Read their stories to know more about how Nishkam Seva through SPIC MACAY has touched so many lives. This movement is also a wonderful platform to make friends with with like-minded people around the country and the world, and be exposed to masters of hundreds of amazing art forms. Attend a SPIC MACAY event near you to experience it for yourself.


As an Institution

Hundreds of schools and colleges in India and abroad associate with SPIC MACAY to expose their students to the wonders of culture and heritage. The government has long recognised the importance of value based education for the good of society, and bodies like the CBSE, AICTE, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Ministry of HRD etc. have supported us by encouraging their constituent institutions to conduct SPIC MACAY events.

By associating with our movement, your students will get a chance to hear, see and interact with maestros who have spent their lives delving into their art, and through art, understanding themselves. Students also grow a great deal through taking on responsibilities while volunteering for the movement. To know the different kinds of events possible, see the full list of possible activities. Do contact your nearest chapter to know about upcoming activities and how to get involved.

SPIC MACAY requires the host institution to make all arrangements at the venue like stage, sound, lights, green room and refreshments, along with providing local conveyance for the artistes, and that the institute contribute a certain amount to us to partially cover expenses incurred for artiste honorarium, stay and travel. Please contact your nearest chapter for details.


As a Donor

If you wish to contribute monetarily to our cause, visit our donation page for details. Donations to SPIC MACAY are income-tax exempt. Any contribution, no matter how large or small, will be cherished and used well by our movement. Since we operate on the principle of Nishkam Seva, >98% of our fund flow goes into organising events on the ground (artiste travel, honorarium, event costs), with very low overheads of offices, personnel etc.