Registered Office Address

41/42, Lucknow Road, Delhi- 110054

Email : [email protected]

Resource centre

Flat no. 4, Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110001

Ph. : 011 – 43621682,  Fax. : 011 – 23323826 

SPIC MACAY functions in a de-centralize manner. At every place (City/ Town/ Institution) where a group of Volunteers meet regularly and conduct programmers or activities, a Chapter or Sub-Chapter is formed. Each Chapter and Sub-Chapter has its own independent office bearers who are responsible for smooth functioning of respective Chapter or Sub-Chapter and encourages the Spirit of Volunteerism and creativity of the Volunteers and students.

The Central State Facilitators based in Delhi are the links between local Chapter and Center. They ensure the smooth flow of information from the Center to their respective Chapters and Sub-Chapters of Which they are responsible.

Thus, the tree SPIC MACAY gets it's nourishment in form of guidance, encouragement and nurturing it on to each leaf of the tree (each individual student volunteer in each institute).

Name Contact Chapter
State Chairperson Usha Ravichandran [email protected]
Rashmi ` Jaiswal [email protected]
State Secretary Rajiv Giri [email protected]
Rashmi Malik [email protected]
Sumita Dutta [email protected]
Kunda Mahurkar [email protected]
Abha Bansal [email protected]
Karan Nanda [email protected]
Shilpa Sonal [email protected]
Puneet Kaur [email protected]
Geeta Mehrotra [email protected]
Suneeta Khanna [email protected]