Satyajit Ray
Age Group: 
15 and above

This was the last film by Satyajit Ray.


Anila receives a letter from a man who claims to be her uncle. This uncle had disappeared 35 years ago. He is a stranger to the family and had been given up for dead. He has written to her about his desire to spend a few days with her. He arrives and stays over...The uncle claims to be an anthropologist. He has traveled through out the world. He claims to have visited the European continent, then the U.S. where he lived with the native Americans and wrote a book, "An Indian Among Indians". Later he went to South America where he spent time with the indigenous people. He now claims to be on his way to Australia to stay with the Aborigines.

Anila's husband is suspicious of the stranger. Driven by his suspicions, the family suspects that he might be an impostor who has come to claim the inheritance. So various kinds of tests are devised to find out the truth. The husband invites a lawyer friend to probe him. The uncle shows legal acumen when questioned by the lawyer...

The Anila's little son accepts the uncle from the beginning. Anila also gradually comes to accept him, but her husband can not understand this mysterious visitor. The uncle leaves as unexpectedly as he arrived, leaving some insightful observations.


·           Manomohan Mitra - Utpal Dutt

·           Anila Bose - Mamata Shankar

·           Subindra Bose - Deepankar De


·         Ranjan Rakshit - Rabi Ghosh


Poster (s): 
Long Title: 
The Stranger