Our movement has grown organically from a few inspired individuals, and therefore functions in a very decentralised manner. Volunteers at a particular place (institution, town, city) organise themselves into a chapter that meets regularly and conducts programmes and activities. Chapters and Sub-Chapters have their own independent office bearers who are responsible for the running of the chapter and encouraging the creativity and efforts of the volunteers.

Local Chapters and Sub-Chapters coordinate with their nearest City or State Chapters, to organise artiste circuits, funding etc. The State Chapters stay in touch with the center in Delhi through Central State Facilitators, based in Delhi. This system ensures a smooth flow of information through all levels of the movement.

Thus the tree of SPIC MACAY keeps every single leaf (volunteer) connected with the encouragement, nurturing and experience of the whole movement, and the efforts of each volunteer directly contributes to furthering our cause, helping more people connect with their roots.