Parivartan, Village: Narendrapur, District: Siwan, State: Bihar

The Rural School Intensives were started in September 2011 from Parivartan, Siwan, Bihar with an objective to give a chance of exposure of Indian Arts, Culture and Heritage to the rural children of our country. Students from all over Bihar participated in this event. They spent five days in a beautiful rural surrounding with an ashram like atmosphere and participated in intense workshops, talks, performances and concerts etc. It was an eye opener. All the gurus as well as the participants were very happy and we could see its impact. This triggered a nationwide series of Rural School Intensives.

This year again similar Rural School Intensive (Grameen Vidyalaya Karyashivir) is going to be organised at the same place we started. Participants from Government schools from all the districts of Bihar will be participating in this event.

Participation is limited in number and is for rural government school students only. Letters to this effect is being circulated to concerned District Education Officers. For any clarification, please write to [email protected] or call Yashwant Parashar on 9431067164.