Akira Kurusawa’s film “The Seven Samurai” shows a sequence of shots

where a group of peasants are trying to protect their village from the attacks

of a gang of bandits with the help of seven samurais (Japanese warriors).

The bandits have conventional weapons but have recently acquired a few

muskets, this is proving to be a big problem as the samurais only have swords.

One samurai sits down in the night and meditates, after which he goes very

calmly to the enemy camp, chops off a few heads and brings back some of

the muskets.

Today we are sending children to the examination hall with blunt swords.

They are tensed and are not mentally prepared to face the onslaught of the

system. On the other hand, if we teach them how to sharpen their minds

through yoga and meditation, they will then go calmly with ekagrata

(single–pointedness) into the battle and return victorious.

–Dr. Kiran Seth