“You become what you think”. If therefore, you put an ideal into your head

and keep on thinking about it, you should approach it slowly but surely and

who knows, one day you might even reach it. Meditation in a nutshell is

just that. But it is easier said than done. Realising this, our sages developed

thousands of different methods of meditation.

There are many different ways of reaching the summit of a mountain and

different routes suit different human beings. The greater the number of

routes found, the more is the likelihood of larger number of people reaching

the peak. All routes are difficult and each takes many years to be found. But

each human being will find a route if the desire is there from the routes that

are known or develop a new one which is suited to his or her temperament.

At a much lower level, meditation improves concentration or ‘ekagrata’. If

one practices focusing of the mind every day, one’s concentration is bound

to improve, just as the practising of weights improves the body. The person

will excel in whatever he or she takes up. But the real benefit is much more

and again has to be experienced, to be believed.

–Dr. Kiran Seth