For most of us, politicians and politics are to be kept at a distance. The direct consequence of this has been that corrupt, criminal, communal and casteconscious elements of today’s society have increasingly taken over our political domain. The silent majority has not only stayed away from joining politics but has also distanced itself from the electoral process by not casting its vote. The turnout in an election is large when over only 50 per cent of the electorate casts its vote. Isn’t that strange? Several voters cast votes because they belong to some lobby or another and try to get direct or indirect benefits from the person whom they are voting. Thus, negative elements gain upper hand and true competence is relegated. We must cast our votes in all elections. Not only that, those of us with a vision must also become candidates for elected offi ces. To avoid getting sucked into the negative system, one would in parallel have to strengthen oneself mentally, spiritually and physically. One would have to be very strong to fight the negative forces that are taking over the system. We always complain about the system but do little ourselves to try to set it right. We must act. Let us not forget that there was a time when we had people like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and others leading the country and idealism was running high in the political arena. We must all join hands to make a change even a small one will do as a starter! Remember that if competent human beings enter the electoral process, everything else will take care of itself.