A young person today is much more aware than someone a few decades ago.This could be due to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the technologicalrevolution. However, time is required for information to become knowledge.A greater time lag is needed for it to transform into wisdom.Once a direction becomes clear through knowledge, a lot of hard workis required to acquire wisdom. The process also needs patience, a certaindegree of faith and an open mind, all of which are at a premium today.Consequently, a bright and hard¬working young person is likely to fall intothe trap of ‘I know it all’. This forecloses possibility of progress.Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar would say, “Hum bacche ko chaalis saal takstage par nahin aane dete the, ¬kahin wo bhul na jaye wo kis liye gaa rahahai” (“We did not allow the disciple to go onstage till he was 40 years old,lest he forgot why he was singing”).The way to progress is not by rediscovering the wheel, but by improvingupon the best wheel available with your ingenuity. To get that, one musthave humility, patience and a desire to learn. No one says that questionsshould not be raised, but it is important to know how, when and where toraise them.A teacher carries a treasure that cannot be parted with so easily. Only hewho has the quali¬ties mentioned above can access it. Once the depth ofwhat he pos¬sesses is fathomed, the teacher will tell a deserving pupil tomove on and search for deeper truths but till that time one must try not tojump the gun.

–Dr. Kiran Seth