Today truth lies in the www (World Wide Web). The faithful mouse, on the command of a click, takes you to shores unknown. The web can take you where you always wanted to go, but did not know how! Even Chief Ministers can bring the most powerful people in the world to their doorsteps thanks to the mouse. These divine incarnations have brought truth to our fi ngertips within a few seconds.

Indeed, this is a great advancement from our yogis who would only tell us to look for truth within a much larger space than the tip of the finger! The realization of this truth would take many an entire lifetime. However, the World Wide Web has such a great impact even on some of the yogis today that they have been forced to innovate. We can now reach nirvana faster and with increasingly less efforts a two or three week course should suffi ce. This shows us what competition can do! Everything and everybody has been dotcommed and we now know who can show us the way! Lead amidst the encircling euphoria, lead thou me on!

–Dr. Kiran Seth