A report in the newspaper once stated that a sum of Rs 19 crores had been raised for Narain Karthikeyan, the Formula One car driver, in endorsement for him. On the other hand Kutiyattam, declared as one of the masterpieces of the oral traditions of humanity not by the Indian Government but by UNESCO, stands on very shaky grounds due to a lack of support. A large amount of media space is given to Sania Mirza when she goes past the first round of a tennis tournament but late Ustad Bismillah Khan got just a small mention when he performed. 

This imbalance has resulted in a gross devaluation of what this country has to offer to the world. We are all aware of the fact that the globe has shrunk. This has resulted in a big melting pot of all cultures in which every country is contributing its own bit. An eminent philosopher has stated that Indians are going to this pot empty-handed, not because they have nothing to offer, but because they do not know what they have. This is the direct result of the imbalance referred to. 

When computers first came into existence, they were bulky and limited. Diodes and triodes gave way to transistors, which in turn developed into integrated circuits, bringing down the size and pushing up the computing power of these useful machines. It would be very unfortunate if the entire process of research and development that has brought us to this stage was suddenly lost. 

Similarly our ancestors have conducted extensive research in the inner domain, using the body as a laboratory for several centuries. The results that they obtained in this intangible domain were and still are useful to mankind. It would be sad if even some of these were lost due to our negligence. While moving forward to catch up in different areas with the rest of the world, let us not forget what invaluable treasures our ancestors have bequeathed us, from which not only us but the entire world can benefit. 

–Dr. Kiran Seth