Yoga today is thought of only as “hatha yoga”. It actually comprises a wide range of meditative practices, naad yoga also being one of them. However this piece will focus only on ‘hatha yoga’.

Hatha yoga is a complete discipline perfected over centuries in the country. It works on the mind, the body and the spirit simultaneously. Starting with the disciplining of the gross body, it moves on to train the subtler mind and finally works on the spirit. All three aspects are touched – only the focus changes as the sadhaka progresses.

How can a child do well in his or her examination if he or she cannot sit still for a few minutes? The physical aspect of hatha yoga gets the body to behave. But the mind wanders. The mental aspect makes the mind ‘smart’ and brings it under control while the spiritual part uplifts the child and a total glow starts emanating. Anything that he or she takes up comes out beautifully, including the twelfth class marks, IIT entrance marks, CAT, UPSC, etc etc etc! Just try it out!

–Dr. Kiran Seth