All our art forms are basically methods of meditation. Hence there is a oneness among the goals of Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar (the greatdhrupad exponent), late Smt Ganga Devi (the great madhubani painter)and Guru Ammannur Madhav Chakyar (the great kuttiyattam actor). Ourancestors have developed many meditative routes and each has taken manycenturies to be perfected.Kutiyattam, one of the oldest dramatic forms of the world in Sanskritfrom Kerala, is becoming extinct because of a lack of patronage. It impliesthat one route will be lost, which in turn means the country and the worldbecomes poorer due to a lost opportunity for a number of young people inthe generations to come.Many such routes are on the verge of extinction. It is time for us to situp and think. In Japan, when the three great art forms, Noh, Kubuki andBumraku were in a state of great neglect, three national theatres were set up,one for each form. But though reforestation has taken place, a large part ofthe beautiful undergrowth has been lost. May that not happen in India.