Plays have been considered as the mirror held out to the face of the society. This mantle of being the contemporary society's reflection has been taken over, in part, by cinema. SPIC MACAY holds screenings of cinema classics by great directors like Satyajit Ray, Charlie Chaplin and Akira Kurosawa.

List of Cinema Classics

Title Director Language Runtime Age Group
Jalsaghar (1958)
Satyajit Ray Bengali 6000 15 and above
Kagemusha (1980)
Akira Kurosawa Japanese 10800 15 and above
Khandhar (1984)
Mrinal Sen Hindi 6360 15 and above
Komal Gandhar (1961)
Ritwik Ghatak Bengali 8040 15 and above
La Strada (1954)
Frederico Felleni Italian 6480 15 and above
Madadayo (1993)
Akira Kurosawa Japanese 8040 15 and above
Mayabazar (1957)
K. V. Reddy Telgu 10860 15 and above
Meghe Dhaka Tara (1960)
Ritwik Ghatak Bengali 8040 15 and above
Modern Times (1936)
Charlie Chaplin English 5400 All age groups
Nagarik (1977)
Ritwik Ghatak Bengali 7620 15 and above
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